Missed out on the Pan Am Weekender? Try this...

  1. Just saw the "Innovator" on marcjacobs.com under "special items."

    it's just like the Pan Am Weekender, except that it's a shoulder bag!! I thought some of you ladies might be interested. It says "coming soon..." so I don't know what that means.

  2. Thanks for posting this..I just took a look and it is really cute!
  3. You could build a whole travel set!
  4. It's cute! I want one even though I already have the pan am weekender.
  5. i want one let me know when it comes in and i will order it... i was so sad that i didnt get the pan am big one.. but i actually like the smaller one better its WAY cutier. lplease please let me know asap when it comes in i will order over the phone...
  6. can anyone help me out.. i am leaving to florida may 26th and i am so sacred that when i leave they will get them in at the los angeles store and i will be screwed again.. so can i leave my cell number to someone and when a store gets them in they can text me the number and tell me the innovator is in so i can go ahead and order one. i just want one for myself that is all. pleasseeeee let me know where i can leave my number... this would be so amazing if someone would help me out
  7. ^^I don't know if they're in yet Amy, but I can call my SA in Savannah tomorrow and ask him. :tup:
  8. I totally know what you mean! I feel the same way!!