Miss Trish of Capri

  1. I am just crazy about Miss Trish of Capri! I love most of her sandals, I only have a couple of pairs at the moment but I am just making my must have list of the summer

    Miss Trish of Capri - Women's Shoes

    Is any one else a fan?

    I have Coral Branch & an older style that is not on the site already. But the ones that have made it to my 'I must have these or die a lonely sad, miserable death & soon' list are;

    Princess, in the pink :heart: :graucho:


    Grand Bamboo in dark greenon the far left :drool:
  2. [​IMG]
    Rio Cross in orange:yahoo:

    Roulette in either :graucho: (both!)

    and I neeeeeeeeeed Wings in the lilac but the gold will more than do!

  3. I love them too! I have a pair of hers that are lime green with a golden octopus on the front, very very different for my small town!
  4. Gorgeous, but $475 seems a bit steep.
  5. yeah, pricey, but then so are Manolos & Choos. And these are generally hand made too.

    I love that shes kind of under the radar :biggrin:

    oh! I know the octopus ones! they are divine!!! I really lked a pair of lizard ones too but I just couldn't decide on the colour then Net a porter sold out of them all :cursing: dang it!
  6. wow...they are so pretty i never heard of her before. im so glad i came across this thread...thanks for posting the pictures im thinking about getting the bamboo:p
  7. Miss Trish is great and very chic...worth every penny in my opinion. Wore mine all Summer last year...
  8. Oooh such pretty sandals :drool: thanks for sharing!
  9. Ooh, they are so pretty! I've heard of her but have yet to own any.
  10. no problems girls! oooh! solidgold! the bamboos are just devine aren't they!:biggrin:

    I just keep seeinmg even more that I love!!

    Anyone thinking of trying a pair or two, Net A Porter has a few on sale!
  11. im going to check them out on Net A Porter ...do you have a pair of the bamboo? if so do they have a little heel or are they flat i can't really tell also the first picture you have up those shoes are being sold on eBay for only $99.00 just in case someone wants to check them out.
  12. They Are Gorgeous And Well Worth It!!
  13. hey solidgold, I don't have the bamboo yet!!!!! but I'm definitely getting them in the next few weeks:biggrin: They are totally flat.

    I just ordered the first pair on my list; Princess in Pink:biggrin: droooooooool! can't wait til they arrive! even though the weather has got dramtically colder here these last 3 days :sad:

    ooh! minnie! I knew you'd love them! you have fabulous shoe taste!