Miss Marc Beanie and Scarf

  1. I was just at the Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs store in Singapore today and I saw this totally awesome-ly cute Miss Marc scarf and beanie!

    The retail is always ridiculous in store (289 SGD for the beanie and 399 for the scarf), so i went online to search for it instead.


    So weird, have any of you seen it anywhere? It might be a new release huh... :shrugs:
  2. I came into your thread hoping to see pics!! I havent seen this anywhere but it sounds ADORABLE. I'll let you know if I do. I love Miss Marc!!
  3. I wish I could snap pics of the two items but the SAs were really unfriendly... one even kinda snatched the scarf out of my hands cos I was trying them on...

    They are reallyyyyyyyyy cute... I will keep searching and post pics if I find them. :okay:
  4. sounds adorable! haven't seen the set yet
  5. Was at the MbyMJ store in LA yesterday. They have the scarf for $148. So cute! but the scarf is soooo long! and it almost has pockets on both ends of the scarf. very interesting.
  6. Hmmm I see the Singapore outlet likes to overprice their stuff. :cursing:
  7. I managed to snap a small photo of the beanie and scarf at the MJBMJ store here in Singapore...


    Cute huh? I am still waiting for it to be stocked on Shopbop so I can get it cheaper than it retails here... :love:
  8. very cute!
  9. Aw!! It's so cute! Thanks for the pic!

    Sometimes MBMJ sells stuff that is exclusive to their stores. I wish they had these elsewhere.
  10. Awww dun break my :heart:!

    The scarf retails for 266USD here while in US its only 148USD. The MJBMJ store here overprices everything! :crybaby:
  11. Really cute!!
  12. the scarf is really cute. thanks for the pic, but do the sa's really act that way in your store? i would get physically violent towards someone who snatches things out of my hands especially a sales associate whose job is supposed to be assisting me, so that i buy something. do these people not make or live off of commission? :confused1:
  13. Hi Dearie,

    Yes they actually do act that way. I guess cos I look pretty young (and penniless) when I go shopping. Most of my stuff are cutesy so I guess SAs tend to overlook me.

    Haha, I do get angry sometimes but it sure wun help matters cos when I go back, its the same horrid SAs there. So it works to my detriment instead! :push:
  14. very cute :smile:
  15. They're so cute!! I really wish I had a MbMJ boutique in my area. :sad: