Mischa Barton at the Coachella music festival (04/28/07)

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    i love her style. she's so cute. :]
  2. I agree she is cute and usually has good sense of style, but I don't know if I care for this outfit. There's too much going on with the hat, jacket, shorts, and boots.
  3. trying a little too hard for an outdoor concert, but i think she's very pretty
  4. I think she looks great--very cute!
  5. my best friend saw her there and she said she looked fabulous and all the boys were drooling over her.
  6. It looks like she's trying *really* hard to blend in with the indie artsy fartsy crowd there.
  7. Since when is Coachella "indie artsy fartsy"??

    I've never really liked Misha's style. It's like she tries to incorporate the latest and greatest style, but goes a bit overboard to where it never quite looks natural.
  8. Meh-h don't care for her at all.
  9. not feeling the outfit...
  10. she's cute...the outfit is just okay...
  11. Interesting.
  12. im so sick of seeing the wannabe artsy fartsy neo hippy thing on young hollywood. such posers!
  13. I agree with those that say she looks like she's trying too hard! Her outfit is very Kate Moss, but Kate doesnt look like she's planned the outfit, she just looks like she's thrown it together.
  14. She looks surprisingly cute.. although I didn't catch a glipse of the cellulite !