Mischa Barton Arrested !

  1. So that friend group is what . . . 5/5 now? Her, Paris, Nicole, Linsay, Britney
  2. Another one :tdown::tdown:
  3. Hmmmm........Who's next?
  4. It was only a matter of time. Too bad. She had a great career and of course now her reputation is ruined.
  5. Wtf is wrong with these girls?? Get a driver or take a cab if you are going to drink!!
  6. I don't believe in driving after drinking but this could happen to so many people I don't think we should judge. Many people drive after a couple of drinks thinking they are fine when in fact if pulled over, they would test intoxicated. Sometimes it's luck.
  7. celebs don't take DUI's seriously because of all the publicity that is given to offenders, it's like some big joke to them. Risk killing someone else or risk getting arrested while drunk driving because even if you get caught your pic will be splashed everywhere.:rolleyes:
  8. Idiot :rolleyes:. Im so bored of these overpaid, over exposed, undertalented idiots
  9. I guess it is no surprise. She has been photographed many times smoking joints in her car.


  10. 100 % Agree
  11. If these young starlets were really meted out the punishment due them and not let out so easily, maybe the others who want to emulate them will think twice before doing so.
  12. Sheesh...another loser.:yucky:
  13. If Natalia Portman (sp?) was arrested for drunk driving, I would be surprised. Misha Barton? Not surprised.
  14. Just a slap on the wrist. No worry about jail time in California....so it is just no big deal to these people who think they have the right to do what ever they want. Until the criminal justice system actually takes DUI, ect. as a serious crime that can kill a innocent person it will not change. If you see so many other people doing it with no answer to what they have done then it will continue to happen...