Mirror Coach?

  1. I was at Macy's today and they have gold and silver mirror looking shoes. I like the look of the mirror. I am wondering will there be a bag to match them? I would love a mirror Coach bag. Has anyone seen them? Do you know what I'm talking about? I will be in tomorrow for the F&F so I will take a pic.
  2. Were they flats or heels? Like embossed leather?

    These sound interesting!
  3. I saw them. They are sneakers. Kind of tacky if you ask me. Nothing like the LV Mirior line.
  4. ^^The sneakers are tacky just like the LV ones. But I think a bag would look stunning.
  5. They had sneakers and loafers. I really liked the loafers, but I would want a bag.
  6. does anyone have pictures? they sound intriguing
  7. yes...i`m curious to see this
  8. I saw them too, there were sneakers and a loafer. I liked the loafer...it was silver leather with embossed Cs.