Mirror ALMA help me please

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  1. I am thinking of getting the Gold Mirror Alma next month, but I noticed there is no key bell and now I know there is no lock at all! :wtf:

    What size were the 1st issues of Mirror Alma's and did they have a keybell and lock and key?

    Can somone post pics of the 1st issue alma's please comparison pics of the new and old ones would be very helpful

  2. The original Miroir Alma was released in the GM size which was more of a travel bag due to it' size. I'm note sure if the bag was released with a lock and clochette.
  3. i bought the alma mirror last dec '08 and it does'nt come with the lock and key but my SA give me..
  4. The first Alma Miroir was in a GM size and didn't have a lock, it had matching vinyl zipper pullers but it did have an address tag. The current season Alma is an MM size and doesn't have the address tag.

    Hope that helps : )
  5. Thanks gang I knew some1 here would help, I hope if/when I get mine my SA will be kind enough to give my a lock & key, it just seems strange to come without one! as I have the pomme alma it would feel odd to me without one!