Mirroir collection will be out of fashion soon?


Dec 22, 2006
Hey allll! What do you guys think? We all like the bags from the mirroir collection and some of us are actually in love with them (me:P ).. but have you ever thought about these bags going out of fashion? do you think you are gonna get fed up with them so soon? do you see your self wearing one of them in the next couple of years??! tell me whatcha think :confused1:
Metalics are always coming into fashion, they will be stylish for years to come. I love the look each time it comes back.

ITA! With Taco, Twinkle.Tink, and any other ladies that knows metallics are the classic staple of the holidays and special occasions.
I think it will come in and out - you will always be able to bring it out for special events.
love your avatar and ditto I agree with you...I own one metallic bag(Juicy Couture) and it is hit or miss depending on the trends of the season....everything comes back eventually....LV is gorgeous too...wish I had one even if it is seasonal and trendy...love the bag you lucky dogs who got one...enjoy it...it is a HOT SEXY bag:P
If I carry it then it's in style or I will bring it back in style! LMAO KIDDING

I am carried it alot and then probably just during the holiday's or during special occasions later which is fine by me. It's more than I carry some of my other bags!
I do honestly think the mirroir (I love it personally) Has more "replay" value than a lot of other seasonal LV goods. As long as it looks good with the outfit I don't see why you cant wear it. Just remember that it IS a very flashy bag, it's not something you'd wear everyday. I think it's more "durable" than the leoppard print though. It's only one season definetly