Miroir Pap Vs. Speedy-rooz

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  1. Hey Ladies.. in just a few minutes im headed down to LV to get my Silver Pap.. but all this talk about the Speedy makes me wonder if I should have gotten it. I put my name on the List back in May for the PAP..

    What made you choose Speedy Vs. Pap and Pochette..... ?

    Im about 5'4 so I kept thinking that the speedy would be too Large.. but after all the GORGEOUS PHOTOS.. im not soo sure if i want the pap... :shrugs:

    Help !!!!
  2. The Mirior Speedy is a 30. If you already have a speedy 30 then it shouldn't be same size.
  3. OK soo all the BAGS SOLD at Fashion Vally in San Diego, CA... I wont even get to see the Speedy
  4. ^Ugh sorry to hear that...the silve pap is TDF is person!! Drool!!