miroir hearts....when are they available?

  1. I called a few boutiques around my area, but they said that they still don't have them in yet. I was just put on the waiting list...hopefully I can still get one!

    Who has been able to purchase them already? Please post pictures!
  2. Label Addict has bought both colors.. do a search for her thread. She has gorgeous pics of several of the hearts.. and hanging off mirroir bags.
  3. the hearts/cosmetic cases will be released on Feb 1st, in the mainland US. Everywhere else they have come out already.
  4. Out already in UK
  5. Oh, so the US doesn't have them yet...that's good! Hopefully I can still get my hands on one of them. Thanks everyone!
  6. in my store have 2 colors..
  7. In Vancouver, Canada they're coming out on the 1st.
    Im positive the stores have all recieved them, but they pushed the date back and are probably hiding them in the stockroom. Some people have already had a chance to see them, but they're not available to the public.
  8. True but they have very limited quantities.
  9. I'll say! My husband went into the Vancouver store for me earlier this week. He was told they are only getting 2 in. One in gold and one in silver and there already 30 people on the waitlist! Needless to say, I declined to participate in that exercise in futility!