miroir cometic case--too late to WL?

  1. so after seeing detailed pictures of inside & out of the silver miroir cosmetic case (i found some pictures, detailed dimensions on someone's eBay auction, see link below), i am loving this case more and more. :shame: i didn't want to WL before because i am on a ban, and i already got the violette cles last week. However, now i'm hoping to convince DH to let me get the miroir cosmetic cases as a Valentine's day gift. :graucho: Though now it seems like it's too late to wait-list, as an SA Beverly Center last weekend told me that all the miroir items they're getting are already spoken for. :sad: so is it probably like this in all stores?? any info is appreciated. i dont' have much experience with waitlisting. are u allowed to WL at more than one store?

  2. Hi, I too love the mirroir cosmetic cases and when I was at LV they told me the waitlist was very long :sad: so I did not put my name down.
    I will just wait it out and see what happens.
  3. Sweetneet, try calling the stores in Vegas since there are so many there and they cater to mostly a tourist trade. They often don't have a wait list at all for some of the LE items. I bet you could get on a waitlist there and have them ship to you. My recommendation, as always, is Elizabeth at the NM Vuitton counter.
  4. Yes, just WL anyhow. You may luck out.
  5. ^thanks, Cyndee! I will try that. Yeah I was just in Vegas this weekend, i went to all 5 LV's (lol) ALL of them seemed to have the new pochette cles there, esp. in violette, which surprised me since the LA boutiques seem to have such low stock of these. anyways, at the Las Vegas LVs i had asked them all about the miroir stuff but they only told me they were being released on Feb 1st (wouldn't show it). so yeah maybe i will give one of them a call. thanks!

  6. Yeah, and won't you save the tax too then if they ship to you in CA?!
  7. oh yeah, i was wondering about that!! so if it is shipped from NV to me in CA, will they not charge sales tax?? if so that would be AWESOME! any Californians with experience with this??

    i ordered a keyring from louisvuitton.com once, and even though the item came from TN i was still charged sales tax. :sad: I guess because they have a factory in california or something too (on their website it says TN and CA residents must pay sales tax). fashiophile also charges sales tax, since she's in CA now. I swear, in CA it seems like they're no escaping the sales tax!! :sad:
  8. I'm sure you'll still be charged tax...you have LV there. If you have that store in your state, then you will be charged tax. I live in Vegas....believe me, our lists fill up fast with locals. I think it depends on whether you have a relationship with an SA or not. I just got on the list yesterday for the cosmetic case, but I shop with the same SA.
  9. WOW that is fabulase.
  10. After reading your post I started to get worried about the waitlist for the mirror cosmetic too so I called my local boutique (which is two hours away HAHA) and they said that they hadn't even started the waitlist for the cosmetic mirror bag... so I'm pretty sure I'm #1 on it... I guess the people in scottsdale didn't know about it...???

    Anyways if you haven't gotten on a waitlist yet I'd called the Scottsdale, AZ boutique the SA's there are really nice... :smile:
  11. ^ thanks for the info, FijiBuni!

    actually I just called the Beverly Hills Saks and asked about the waiting list for the miroir items, specifically the silver cosmetic case. She put me on hold and when she got back she said that "they didn't have any info on this item" :confused1: but she said she could take my name down, and if/when it came in they would give me a call. So i guess they didn't have a waitling list either? i'm surprised they didn't know about it there...