Miroir Collection Help

  1. Hey everyone! I'm just doing a market research project on the Miroir Collection. Just wondering if you all can help me...

    What are three questions you take into consideration, when purchasing a Miroir piece?

    If you own a piece... which one? And what do you love about it?

    Also, maybe if you can include some demographic information (Age, Sex, Location, etc.)

    This would be a great help. Thanks all!
  2. When would I use it? Is it big enough to hold the things I need to bring with me on a night out? Do I LOVE it and HAVE to have it?

    Yes, I own the silver miroir pochette, and I just think it's so cute...I love the whole idea of it looking like the inventeur plate and that it's now my silver evening bag for almost everything.

    and I'm 22, female, and from New Jersey.
  3. 26, Female, UK
    3 questions to consider:-
    Is it in perfect condition?
    Do I mind the attention it will attract?
    Will I actually use it?

    I have the Gold Speedy, Silver Speedy, Gold pochette, Silver Pochette I adore the "shine" I think the bag is unique . it's a head turner but in my opinion still a classic (just a twist on it)
  4. (1) Do I need 1,2,or 3 pouchettes? (2) How much tanning lotion would I need? and....(3) How often would I need it for tanning? :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    J/J Nick....(Last Friday was so hilarious BTW)!!

    (1) How often would I use it? (2) What type of material is it made of & durability? (3) Is it unique? and....(4) $$$ vs. usages.

    My demo....well you already know!:p Oh yeah...have the silver Pouchette (debating on keeping it though):hrmm: ...
  5. 23, Female, USA

    1. Do I like the style/colors?
    2. Costs?
    3. Does it look good on me? (Very important)

    Pieces I own:
    Silver Speedy
    Gold Papillon
    Silver Pochette
    Gold Pochette
  6. errr. I saw it on the runway show and fell in love. It was different, innovative and flashy.
    Will I use it?
    Is it worth the price?
    Will I be the envy of others when I walk down the street?

    I have the silver speedy, the gold speedy, and the gold pochette.

    female, 32, NJ
  7. 21, Female, U.S.

    Questions I ask:
    1. Is it wearable (meaning can I wear it with a variety of outfits)?
    2. Is it functional (not just pretty to look at)?

    My pieces:
    Silver Speedy
    Gold Speedy
    Gold Pochette

    And for all the pieces, I love how different they are and how I have only seen 2 people so far with Miroir bags (one gold Pap and one gold Speedy).
  8. i love my silver pouchette! and im a california girl (only 14)
    i love it because its cute, functional, and SHINY!
    only 2 questions, do i love it, and can i afford it?
  9. 25, Female, Canada

    1. Does this style appeal to me?
    2. How exclusive is it?
    3. How often would I use it?

    I don't own a piece, because in the end, this line was one I didn't care for.
  10. I use mine quite frequently actually, and I get stares from jealous women everywhere. You would be surprised at much it can dress up jeans or a nice black pantsuit. Just by a size that you can use. The speedy is slightly larger than a speedy 30 (an inch longer I think). Be careful though because my SA told me that if it gets scratched it cant be repaired!!!
    My Pieces Silver Speedy, Silver Pochette, Gold Alma (havent used this one yet though)
  11. 18, F, Canada
    I only own the silver Miroir pochette...and I love it because it's such a unique and dressy piece.
    Three questions to ask:
    1) Is the bag in flawless condition? (no scratches, rubs, etc?)
    2) How often will I use this piece?
    3) Will this style be usable even after a few years? (durability, etc)
  12. more repsonses please....

    thanx! ;)
  13. im 24 and think its too flashy. literally! except maybe the cles!
  14. Three questions I considered was
    1. How much is it?
    2. How big is it?
    3. Am I gonna be using it?

    I have the gold pap and the silver speedy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE both of them. I use the gold pap more than the speedy. I never used a pap before so i was really excited to have one. I love how sharp the color is and just how big the bags are. I try not to make the bag too heavy, but I do put things inside.

    I'm 20, female, from USA.

    i hope this helps you. good luck!!
  15. 23 F, TX, USA
    Q1) Can I afford it?
    Q2) How often can I use it besides the holiday season?
    Q3) Can it fit my essentials?
    Q4) Will there be replicas running around everywhere?

    A2)Summer or evening outtings
    A4)nope, the replicas is no way close to the real deal when it comes to Miroir line

    I have Gold Pochette and pap, Silver pochette. I use them as rainind day bag. I love em all, but it's a pain to discover new scraches-which can't be repair. the gold is adorable 24k gold, close to rose gold depends on the light, but certainly not like 18k 'pale gold' color.