1. This bag was totally empty and the heaviest bag I ever held. It was cute but the pebbled leather and shiny hardware kind of turned me off. Does anyone else feel this way. I liked the style or the idea of this bag, I think there are other's with different materials but the ones they had at the coach store were of this variety.
  2. The Miranda is not for everyone. It is a very substantial and structured bag and that just may not be what appeals to you. Unless you are thinking about the Miranda done in Python, all the colors are done with a vintage pebbled leather and shiny brass hardware. I own this bag in Atlantic and Black and I adore them! They suit my way of dressing and the business attire I wear. Coach knows that they have customer of varied taste and needs and that is why they offer so much variety!
  3. Ikwym. that bag would probably last a lifetime,maybe just too heavy for me. I love the look of it, the shiny brass tirned me off b/c it looked like it would be hard to maintain but the pebbled leather is so much better in the rain and extreme weather. I do love the way this bag looks !
  4. I love the way this bag looks but it's way too heavy for me, and big. I wish they'd come out with a mini model lke Lily!
  5. My manager was going to get this bag when we got one in... but then a customer came and swiped it up!
  6. I have the Miranda in Black and Bordeaux and love them.....weight and all. Great classic structured bag.....I want it in White.
  7. I love white and I think this bag will look great in white-I can't wait to see pics of it here, hope someone gets it soon!! :smile:
  8. I have it in bordeaux and agree with everything legacyprincess posted. Love it, regardless of weight, it's a timeless bag! And I also want it in white!