Mirage Line

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  1. so who's in? i'm a bit on the fence about the speedy since i haven't seen it irl. however the flickr photos just make them all the more appealing. anyone waitlisted yet?
  2. I think I'm going to WL soon for the Musette w/ black trim
  3. I'm on for the Speedy.
  4. The Musette is my fave! Too bad these are out of my price range.

    If I win the lottery though, it's mine!!!! LOL
  5. i'll probably have to hit the big one in vegas to get one.... :roflmfao:
  6. It's totally out of my price range, too... but it's the only bag I'm going to be getting for Fall... so I'm gonna go big and scrimp on everything else. :smile:
  7. I was thinking about that, if I didn't get the two denims and the Audra, I could have one of those LE bags! Oh well!

    Call now and get waitlisted!!!!
  8. same here. i was planning on getting the motard pochette, but when i heard that it was the same price as the speedy, i turned to the speedy. i guess it was the practical me kicking in.

    i may drop the LOVE2 tote from my list to get the mirage.
  9. I think the Speedy was the most affordable of all of them if I remember correctly...and maybe even the same as your MC Speedy.
  10. wtf is this love2 thing i've been hearing about!?
  11. I want this one, I need to go to LV this week and find out about waiting list/pricing. How much is it going for, I thought i heard around 3k??

    Here is the FLICKR link with the pic..


  12. that's an exotic, it's around 8k i think. there's a thread in ref. library with prices.
  13. Ohhhhhh I like that one, wonder how much it will be?

    EDIT: Ok nevermind, will lust from afar!
  14. I must be the only one who does NOT like it........ so no... I'm not in......lol