Mirage Griet ~ where to use? keep or not keep?

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  1. I was lucky to get the Griet late last year as it was the last one in Australia so I don't want to make the wrong choice about this bag.... I paid $5250 for it, which to me is a lot for a bag that I'm not using. I really love the look of it, I think it's just beautiful, but it's incredibly heavy and impractical, the flap that hangs over the front is stiff, and it makes it hard to get into, the clutch compartment in the middle has scraped/scratched my wrist a few times just getting in and out... (I'd prefer if it had the zipper in the middle like the regular griet)..... I'm paranoid about colour transfer with the dark lining when using my vernis and items with vachetta like agenda etc.... the other issue is that I have no idea where to carry it, too heavy and big for shopping, too big for movies, too big for dinners or nights out, too big for concerts/theatre/shows, too small for travel .... I don't do much else? I used it once shopping and it was just too heavy and awkward as it doesn't sit on the shoulder well.....

    The answer seems simple... just sell for something you would use.... BUT....

    I just love the look of it....the mirage line is just so beautiful, I already have the bordeaux speedy. Has anyone kept a bag simply for appearances?? I'm not sure what to do... I'm wondering where other Griet owners carry theirs?

    Any opinions appreciated, thanks everyone!!
  2. since you already have a Mirage Speedy, id say sell the Griet :yes: and just use the $$$ for something you can and will use :tup:
  3. It's a stunning bag, but as you said, it's too impractical for your needs. If it were a less expensive bag I would probably feel ok keeping it, but considering the price, I would either try to use it more or sell it. I think a lot of people were initially drawn to this bag because of its looks but didn't end up buying it because it was too heavy and difficult to get in and out of.
  4. to keep or not to keep: KEEP

    where to use it: ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE

    i answered b4 i even read your post. lol. but honestly, if you dont use it. sell it and get something that you will use.
  5. I think you should sell it and get other bags that are both practical and stunning on you! :yes:
  6. I just sold my Mirage Griet a few months ago. I used it for a work bag for so long... I loved it but eventually there comes a time to move on! I sold it to fashionphile @ they gave me $2200 for it... I could of sold it for more on eBay I guess but I'm kinda lazy :sad:
  7. Exactly what I would tell you.
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    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    Paije-----Oh my WORD.....this bag is sooooo LOVELY I really don't think you should sell it... yes, it's heavy but you can dress it UP and DOWN. This is my BEST bag out of my collectioin....I call her princess. OBTW....I carried her to a basketball game earlier today...feeling fabulous with HER :yahoo:

  9. wow boricua you look awesome!

    but to Paije: it just seems like the negatives for you outweigh the positives....its almost as if you feel bad that the purse isn't working out for you...Like someone else said you have another purse from the line so I would say...if you are alright with what you will recap in resale price then I would give that purse another home...you tried to love it ;) maybe its just not for you...OR...you can try using it a few more times and really give it a shot to get used to the aspects that seem to bother you..
  10. what about getting the musette instead since you have the speedy. i would imagine that one is a little less impractical than the griet.

    the only time i've seen this IRL a woman was using it for travel. i was surprised at how big it really is.
  11. Sigh- I am in love with this bag- you are so lucky you got one! It looks so amazing on you- but if you don't use it you could sell it and buy 2 or 3 other bags... just take lots of pictures first!
  12. Thanks for your thoughts everyone ^

    Boricua ~ You look gorgeous with yours!!! as always, I remember you wanting one, where did you end up finding it? Don't you find it hard to get in and out of? Does the inner clutch compartment bother you? I know it looks amazing but I find it so hard to use.... where do you put most of your essentials... in the middle?

    DD & DS ~ I know that option makes the most sense... I'm giving it serious thought, but everytime I look at it, I think this is the most stunning bag I own :confused1:

    Jellybebe ~ I think that's true, and perhaps the reason there was a few floating around so long after their release.
  13. I would sell it and use the funds towards something else ... it is a beautiful bag but so heavy to use:yes:
  14. I wanted this bag so bad and unlucky me was not able to get one,so in my opinion KEEP it!:yes:Even though you wont use it that much,i would keep it for the moment you will use it ;)
  15. I adore this bag and regret not getting one when I had the chance (there were too many other items on the list at the time! LOL!) Anyway, I personally would keep it, but your post lists off so many reservations that you have about the bag, it seems you would be best served to sell it and get something you would put into use more often. Also since you already have something from the Mirage line (a speedy) you won't feel like it is a total loss, KWIM?