Miracle cream No7 Protect & Perfect

  1. Hi, wondered if anyone has tried this so called Miracle cream No7 Protect & Perfect that has sold out in all stores in the UK. Its meant to really work as reported on the Horzion programme.
  2. my mum works for boots and she cant even get hold of it!
    good luck if yor trying to get 1
  3. I use their make-up remover cloths. First time I purchased from Boots. I was pleased.
  4. I know the only place to buy this at the moment is eBay. Just wondered if anyone had try it. I know the TV program run tests on it and its a cream that really works on wrinkles and fine lines
  5. I buy a lot of No 7 stuff and always get the free gifts when they do them, 1 of them had a 7ml bottle of this serum, thought about selling it on eBay but i've been using it for a couple of days now, skin looks good after putting it on, but haven't noticed any real difference in lines...
  6. Think its meant to be used for 4 weeks to notice a difference
  7. I have been using it for three weeks now and whilst it hasn't done anything spectular - a few people has complimented me on my skin!

    BTW it is back in stock on the boots website but is limited to 1 per customer
  8. Speaking of Boots products, are they really good? They have their product line at Target in the USA now. I wonder if they have this Miracle Cream No 7? I looked on the Target website but didn't see it. From what I can tell, their products are relatively inexpensive.
  9. Yes they are inexpensive, I have just bought some of this miracle cream so will let you know how it works on me.
  10. Wow! My local Targets have a boat-load of this product; it's just sitting there. Dirt cheap (compared to what I'm used to using). I should buy all the jars and sell them on eBay.
  11. I just went and bought some of this stuff today. My Target had lots also.