Miniskirts with Leggings... IN or OUT?

  1. Are miniskirts and leggings still in?
  2. I mean people still wear it but I kind of think it's over done.
  3. Go with mini-dresses with leggings instead.
  4. Out, I think.
  5. out, overdone. you can still do leggings with a babydoll or trapeze dress though.
  6. Agreed with the rest. It's out.
  7. It's still VERY in with the fourth grade set...;)

    My daughter and her friends wear them all the time!
  8. I'm SOOOO glad they're out! I never got into that style... I would much rather wear a miniskirt on it's own than with leggings/tights.
  9. It NEVER was in.. wear them with a mini dress !
  10. I agree with everyone else--go with the minidress if you want to wear the leggings. I think opaque tights are a more classic alternative with skirts.
  11. i wear leggings with babydolls...and sandals...i think its cute...
    but miniskirts?? i last year.
  12. yuck out
  13. It's not in but I see this all the time with the high school/Abercrombie set. I wear black leggings with minidresses and boots though.
  14. outttt.
    i like minidresses
    with leggings.
  15. definitely out.