Mini Twiggy

  1. So I just bought an apple green mini twiggy and I LOVE it. :love: It is a perfect size for me and actually has a lot more room than I thought.

    Does anyone else own a mini twiggy? What colors is it avail. in? Is the size not popular cuz I never see them for sale nor do I hear people talking about them. I want more of the same style but different colors.
  2. pictures please :flowers: there was an apple green mini twiggy on eBay once, but i didn't go for it thinking it would be too small :cry: i regret it sometimes. i won't give up my apple green search though.
  3. Hi fellow Illini!

    I-L-L-.........? (I'm class of '96!)

    Hey, what are the dimensions of your mini twiggy? I'm intrigued.
  4. 4 x 8

    Nice to see a fellow IL on the board.
  5. That might be it! A memeber here bought it and I think it was too small for her and she sold it to me. I love it and only wish I could get more colors. I called BNY and Aloha Rag and they will not carry the mini twiggy.
  6. There is a boutique here in San Francisco called Susans that had a 05 turquoise mini twiggy. They've had it there for a long time. I saw it when I bought a bag there earlier this year and I remember them telling me they had it when I called them to pre-order back in October. It's just been sitting on their shelf. I don't know if it is still there now but it may be worth it to give them a call. 415-922-3685

    HTH :flowers:
  7. ^^Thanks, I will try to give them a call tomorrow.
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