Mini Twiggy- Big Enough?

  1. Some of you guys might have seen my post in the authenticate this balenciaga on the metallic orange mini twiggy on looks like a good deal and SEEMS like it's authentic...

    And I absolutely adore the color...but is it big enough? What do you ladies think? Anybody own a mini twiggy and can carry it on a day to day basis?
  2. it's pretty big... and it can fit quite a bit too!! i can cary it on a daily basis... my wallet, cell phone.. ciggys.. and still lotsa space!!
  3. yes it's big enough, fits like the first size, but isn't like the first size, a bit smaller. I think if you look in the thread "pictures wearing your bbags" you can find maybe a pic with the mini twiggy, it's lovely !!
  4. it used to fit my lv medium agenda, ipod, 2 cell phones & a pack of cigarette. i don't carry a wallet. but it's not big enough for me, so i decided to sell it.
    i think if you search the threads, there's some pics i've seen by some girls here of their mini twiggy & things inside.
  5. hmmm...i think i will definitley do a search for that thread! thank you!! :smile::smile::smile:
  6. I hope you get that twiggy! I've been watching it for a while, and it's been relisted at least once. It's so cute and needs a good home!
  7. Just got 'mine' mini-twiggy in '05 turquoise and posted some pics .... it holds a lot like a classique first, IMO :yes: and as lovelv said !
    115-1508.pf_IMG.jpg 115-1516.pf_IMG.jpg
  8. I hope I get it too...I've been lurking in here forever and I've been wanting a balenciaga because you ladies are soo enthusiastic and fabulous. This will be my first bbag...because it's actually one I can afford! :smile: And I really like the metallic colors too, so that's always a plus.

    Thanks for the reference picture!! The turquoise is adorable! And it looks fabulous on you. :smile::smile:

    I'm usually a big bag gal because I have a lot of stuff I tote around with me, but I think I can definitley loose a bit of junk.

    Thanks again!
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