Mini Skinny help needed for Coach newbie please

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  1. Hi Coach collectors!

    Please help a coach newbie – pick out a Coach gift!
    I have never own a Coach item and need help picking a “Mini Skinny” for my best friend.:rolleyes:

    She is recovering from a serious illness and too sick to shop – so my mission is to get the cutest Coach Mini Skinny for her :tup:
    The colors I know she would want are:

    Green / white
    Light blue /White
    Pink / white

    I wonder in person if you ladies can tell me which looks the best in person and which one you would recommend?

    I really value your time, thought and advise :smile:

    Thank you so much!
  2. I like this pink and white one


    or there is a scribble one with pink blue and green!


    Good luck finding the perfect one! You are a good friend!

    I took these pics from eBay, but I am not affiliated with these auctions
  3. I like the first one taralindsey posted. Its very pretty and girly! Good Luck with your search. :yes:
  4. I was just thinking of this one! I like this one too!!

    And that is so nice of you to do for your friend!!
  5. thanks for your thoughts!

    That pink and white is pretty cute!
  6. pink and white
    tons on eBay right now too
  7. I need to check out eBay! love the pink and white!
    On the coach site the new patent leather mini skinnies come in some great colors. you may want to check those out. I just saw them last night and they are really cute! I love my mini skinnies..attach my keys and take them everywhere! My most used Coach items.
  8. I'm new to Mini Skinnys and they are so cute!
    I'm so glad to get introduced to them :smile:
  9. I want a mini skinny too! lol but i would say first you should check a coach outletif there is one near you, because sometimes you can get them for about 15 bucks! it's worth taking a look....
    but i like the pink and white one too! what a great friend!
    I found all of these on ebay.. the water color stripe is cute.. that has all the colors, and i posted the little flower one just because i think it's adorable!