Mini Rock and Chain

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has one mini rock and chain for $1975.

    Hot bag!
    Rock and Chain.JPG
  2. thanks for posting, chanelboy! that bag is adorable!
    have you guys received your shipment of the large rock & chain hobos in red yet?
  3. nice bag!:yes:
  4. I purchased it at Saks NYC, had it sent to my home out of state so it ws tax-free and got a gift card to boot..... A totally good experience and the bag is wonderful.
  5. Hi chanelboy, ladies...

    Can someone tell me the difference I size between the regular and mini rock and chain?

  6. Intheevent, to answer ur quest. totally two diff bags. the large is a pretty large hobo/sling shape that can be worn very easily over the shoulder, the small is a handheld bag, that has an interior clasp pouch, kinda like a coin purse between the two leather sides.

    I have it and it doesnt hold much, just my long wallet and a few random knickknacks. The large hobo holds a ton, but the shape alters depending on how full it is. Hope this helps.
  7. cute! i just saw them irl and they are very snazzy.
  8. They are really snazzy! Especially in the red with gold chain.
  9. Oh, got it, the pic appears larger, definitely not an option for me

  10. We also have this bag in red with gold hardware, too.
  11. Cute bag...but that small would drive me nuts. I carry way too much stuff!
  12. Here is a picture of the red with gold hardware.
    Rock and Chain Red.JPG
  13. That is so cute! Uh oh. :sweatdrop:
  14. We need a modeling pic of this small one...
  15. Ok are model pictures of this cute little bag.

    PS...I apologize for the Juicy bags in the
    RedRock1.JPG RedRock2.JPG