Mini pochette Trunks & Bags, too feminine ?

  1. Hello !

    I am a 22 years old boy and I reallly like the Trunks and Bags mini pochette accessoires, because of its logo. Do you think it would be a good idea to buy it and to remove the gold chain to replace it by a "dragonne amovible" like the one used for the wapity. Would it be more masculine like that ? I need advices ! Thanks for all your great T&B ideas !!!

    Bye bye and LoVe forever !
  2. i think u should keep the gold chain and rock it hard! but im sure u can change it!!
  3. I've seen a pic of a guy on here with a mini pochete he had the chain clipped to jean belt loop and pochette in pocket just sticking out seriously it looked great I think I guy can totally rock it you just need to wear a slightly different way
  4. I agree with label addict. Try it, see if you like the way you look.
  5. If you remove the gold chain I think it will look much more masculine. It is a hot bag and you should totally rock it in your own unique style. Please post pics if/when you get one!
  6. I love it, I think its one of the pochettes that a man can work and not think twice about depending on what you do with it...I keep trying to find a way to justifiy it but alas as of yet I have not or wait maybe thats a good
  7. not sure that you can remove the chain from the other end unless you pry open the ring. In any case, it really depends on how you wear it. I'm a guy and I wear it as a wristlet, with my jeans partner still says it's for gurlzzz...but I LVoe it anyway. Let not the conventions of this world dissuade you from your LVoe of Vuitton.
  8. Hmm...that sounds like a super good idea. But it might look good with the gold chain looks like a pretty unisex piece to me.