mini pochette.... is it worthless since it can't hold my iphone ??

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  1. I was going to sell my mini pochette... because it doesn't hold my iphone plus.
    Is it even worth it to keep it for other items to hold like random catch-all ?

    I was going to use it as a mini clutch but it's like what's the point since it won't hold my iphone.

    I was thinking of just getting a toiletry 19 for a clutch purpose.....
  2. If you haven’t found it useful as a catch-all yet then I don’t think you will now. Seems the toiletry would suit your purposes better.
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  3. Only you know whether it's worth it for your use. If you're not getting use out of it, no matter how many of us tell you it's "worth it", it's probably not.
  4. would you rather get toiletry 19... or cosmetic pouch (small one) ?
  5. Between those two options I would go for the former. I have a toiletry 19 that I use as a clutch sometimes but honestly I rarely reach for it. I use my WOC when I want a clutch or my Bottega knot clutch.
  6. I take my phone out all the time anyway so the mini pochette is fine for my essentials. I would consider a toiletry pouch instead only for wipeable interior
  7. Yes, that’s why I sold mine. I found a cute cloth pouch made by a charity organization for $10 to hold my tissues and odds and ends.
  8. Like another poster mentioned, only you know the answer to your question. I personally can fit my phone but in the event if/when that's no longer possible, I still would've discovered other ways to use it because it's just a must-have for me. And that's why I got duplicates :P
  9. I say sell. I change phones often so I am not even sure it fits my latest phone, but I still don't find mine useful as a mini bag or wrislet. I was using it as a cosmetic pouch but the interior is not wipeable and now it has a stain. I should really sell it.
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  10. I personally find it very useful and use it in every single bag but if you can’t find a use for it sell it. Seems like a hot item right now so if it’s in good condition you’ll probably get a good price.
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  11. Definitely sell. Personally I haven’t and not interested in owning Lv mini pochette, coin purse or toiletry or makeup pouches or any of the smaller things that seem to be popular atm, 2-3 of these items together can easily get you another bag or scarves or shoes (which are items I much prefer to spend $$$ on)

    I also prefer catchalls to be soft and malleable and easily washed when they’re I have a few Dior/Chanel makeup pouches that were part of the makeup sets, they’re FREE, still going strong after years of abuse so I don’t see the point of having to replace them.

    Just don’t get suck into the “hype” on social media!
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    I actually love the mini’s. I’ve used them in smaller bags sometimes for cards and cash, sometimes for random smaller items, I’ve also looped the chain through the belt loops of my jeans, shorts, etc when I don’t feel like carrying a bag and I just need cards and cash and to be hands free. Like below lol I have it on my right attached to my shorts
    View attachment 4360773

    If you do not have a use for it - then maybe sell it and put the money towards something more useful. Good Luck
  13. I think you need a 26 for that phone... and if you want to add essentials.
  14. Or another one you could consider is the Pochette Felicie. I personally don‘t like the look of the Toiletry as a clutch.
  15. If you don’t have a use for it, I would sell.
    I use mine as a catch-all in all of my bags. Lipgloss, mints, nail files, hair ties, all goes in there!