Mini? or Regular?... Thoughts?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm counting down the days to my vacation in Vegas - I'll be hitting an lv boutique as soon as the plane touches the ground. :nuts:

    All my current LV pieces are Mono - and while I've never really cared for Damier, it's really grown on me. I especially LOVE the red lining.

    Anyhow - my sights are set on the Damier Speedy 30. But I'd also like to get either the Mini Pochette Accessoires or simply the Pochette Accessoires as a catch-all for lip glosses etc...

    Which one is the better one/cuter one? I currently have the mono mini pochette - and I do use it as well as a little evening bag.

    Would the larger Pochette be more useful inside the purse and as an evening bag?

    I can't stand not having a boutique in my city - not being able to see them in person makes it difficult when you do finally get your butt in a store....

  2. Well since you already have a mini pochette maybe go for a damier or damier azur pochette? I have the mini azur and it is gorgeous.
  3. I think you should get the damier ebene pochette, would be perfect for what your describing. Have a fun trip!
  4. Have fun!!!! There's so many choices here with 5 LV's.
  5. I habe both the Mini and the regular Pochette. They are both useful, but I think the Mini is cuter because of the chain.
  6. I like the mini as well because of the cute chain. How does your mini you have now work for you? Can it carry the things you need a new one for? If you mini you have now works great as an evening bag for you, then I say get a new mini in a different style. If you find it a bit small, then get the regular pochette.
  7. i like the mini one with the gold chain..
  8. Oooh, I got my Damier speedy 30 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas a month ago! Was such a great shopping experience over there!! I suggest the Azur mini's sooo cute!! Have fun!!
  9. I'd go with the regular pochette...then you can use it as a cute clutch for nighttime too. I like the way the mini's look but they're too small for me.
  10. Aack! I've just read on another post that they're discontinuing the Damier regular pochette. So perhaps I'd better get that one if the mini is always (hopefully) going to be available...

    Thanks for the opinions everyone!

    And I think I'll head to the Wynn boutique first - can't wait... but lots of choices in Vegas that's for sure.
  11. Most of my pieces are Mono, including the T&B mini.

    I also have the Damier Speedy 30.

    I would suggest getting the mini.
  12. since everyone is replying here already, might as well ask a similar question. I do not own a mini and I am considering either getting a mini t&b or a regular damier pochette. Which do you think is better? Considering that the price difference is just really small but I think the size difference is huge. :smile:

  13. I have both pochettes, and I find I use the regular one a lot more!
  14. mini! i love that chain....
  15. Get the reg. azur pochette I have it and I:heart:it!