Mini Monogram owner, please advise on this material!

  1. so I'm thinking about getting the Josephine PM from eBay in Khaki TST or Khaki. My question is, how durable do u think the mono mini material? Do you think the material will show signs of wear like it forms some kind of lint coming out of the cloth (I'm not sure how to explain this, but it looks like rubbed signed then it forms some kind of lint coming out of the fabric). please tell me your experience with the mono mini material. Thank yoU so much!!
  2. i have this bag in the Navy TST, and haven't had any problems with it. the material is very durable, and there's no fraying or lint
  3. Thanks yeuxhonnetes!! Any bodyelse? TIA!
  4. hi, i was looking at the mini monogram speedy and the sales associate told me the regular leather monogram'ed LV's last longer and are more durable than the cloth/material of the mini lv...
  5. I have a Josephine GM. Mine although its still basicly brand new, Shows no signs of piling, or linting at all. Still looks brand new. I also have a Mini Lin speedy which has a similar material texture on the outside and I use this as an everyday bag and have absolutly no signs of wear on it either. Get one, It should last you a long long time :tup:
  6. hi, i have a cherry josephine and i guess becos i used it for quite a while already (it was one of my first few bags), the handle does have a little fraying... not noticable thro.

    The material of the mini lin however was great and has been in good condition.

    I think it just tat i am too rough in handling the bag.
  7. The fabric on the mini lins has been improved (from the mono mini) and is more durable and is treated to be waterproof/stain resistant.
  8. thank you for all your input! =)