Mini mini coin purse sightings? Anyone seen them :)

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  1. After getting my first mini mini in ruby from Balenciaga LA, I'm on the hunt for more...has anyone seen others in other stores?

    Trying to get some nice colors if you've seen them, please list name of store/location, thanks so much!!!

    BTW-the ruby mini mini i got was the last one they had and the only color in mini mini that Balenciaga LA got in, odd, right? Since I recall reading on TPF that Balenciaga NYC said they didnt order the mini mini coins this time around (unless Im remembering it wrong).

    And I havent seen the mini mini pop up on the Balenciaga online boutique as previously expected, or did I miss it in the blink of an eye?

  2. Nordstrom Arden Fair had several this evening. I don't remember what colors since all I could do was stare at the amethyst! It was gorgeous! If you're interested, give Patrice a call at 916-646-2400, she'll be happy to help you out!
  3. ^^thanks!! odd cos i thought they told me last time they only got in the regular mini coin purse not the mini mini ones...but ill check again :smile: