Mini Lin - sorry if this info has already been posted

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  1. hi, i was at lv today and the SA showed me pics of the new mini lin bags coming out this month. it comes in a speedy 30, bucket, samur (2 sizes), pochette wallet, cles, key holder and some other stuff that i've already forgotten. SA said that the prices are the same as the monogram but add 10%. just thought i'd post this info in case anyone was interested.
  2. :nuts: Thank you....just add 10% ain't bad.:flowers:

  3. Agree!:yes: :yes: I thought it would be much more.
  4. I'm looking forward to see the Speedy IRL. Good to hear that the prices aren't that bad :wlae:
  5. Oh! what is the colour of this line? I might interested of speedy 30:P
  6. Oh, i wanna see the cles!! I was also looking for thwe mono mini cles in black, so maybe I´ll get one from this line
  7. That's not a bad price. I might get something from this line.
  8. oooh me too! does anyone know wen exactly it is coming out?
  9. I was in SF LV last week and they said in a couple I'm thinking another week or so?

    I can't wait for the mini lin speedy.
  10. Is this the satin fabric line?
  11. Thanks for the info! I'm looking forward to seeing the bucket and the Speedy. :yahoo:
  12. no, it's a different line altogether. the one that's just been released is the Monogram Satin and Monogram Satin Multicolore
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