mini lin or mono speedy 25?

  1. i can't pick one! i really like mini lin cux it's so young looking and it's so diff from what everyone else has. but mono is a classic and it's leather! which one should i get?!
  2. i love how the mini lin looks- i really do- but other tpfers have said the fabric might pill and that would keep my from buying it. i have the speedy 25 in mono and i love it. haven't carried it, but i love it. (and i never thought i would like this bag.)
  3. I'll get Mini-Lin cos it's different and loveeee the colour.
  4. I'd get the Mini Lin now and save up tp get the mono speedy later:nuts: . You can probably be a lot rougher with the mono though so it depends on how often you want to use it, look after it etc.
  5. The mono would be more durable - it is not leather - it is vinyl coated canvas. I love the mini lin - it would not pill - it is made of cotton and linen.
  6. mini lin doesnt pill?!
  7. That is right.
  8. I like the mono canvas speedy better... not so much a fan of mini lin.
  9. mono canvas.
  10. i love the mono better than the mini lin.
    the mini lin's material repels me.
  11. I'd say mono canvas, even though it's so common....
  12. i'd go for the mini lin speedy :smile:
  13. I prefer the mono speedy.
  14. Mini lin.
  15. another vote for the Mini Lin Speedy ;)