Mini Lin ebene in spring/summer

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  1. To all mini lin ebene owners. Will you be wearing yours in the spring/summer?
  2. Most def. it looks really nice with a pair of dark wash jeans and a tshirt...
    In general I wear the colors I feel like wearing regardless of the seasons, I love white in winter and think black/brown looks great in summer...
  3. I carry whatever makes me feel good regardless of the season. IMHO, the old rules of certain colors for certain seasons went out the window several years ago! :smile:

    You can bet I'll be carrying my Vernis Summit Drive in Amarante and my Damier Berekely in Ebony come springtime!
  4. Yes, I used to adhere to the color rules but I can't imagine going without some of my LV bags for entire seasons. So, I will be wearing my ebene damier in the spring/ summer.
  5. I use all bags year round.
  6. You's a great year round bag!
  7. yes! most definitely. you can't be bright and colourful all summer. it's nice to be neutral and subtle too! :p
  8. Prolly in the evenings, but for me, not during the day.
  9. Absolutely! :p
  10. definitely! I think it's perfect all year round!
  11. I don't own one but I think it'd look fine in the S/S months. :yes:
  12. Yup :smile: Sure will be using mine!! I will probably use it alittle less, but only because I have put my mono speedy on hold during these rainy winter months and am dying to use it on days it is not rainy!! I want my mono speedy to develop a nice patina so I will probably use it alot in the summer. Must say though, I have no problems with using my mini lin ebene-- it will still definately be in circulation!!
  13. I use my mini lin ebene bags year 'round. It's my favorite line and the bags are absolutely maintenance-free! :tup:
  14. Once I finally get my mini lin ebene saumur, I will definitely be using it in the summer ... all year round, in fact.