mini-flap - is it easy to find one?

  1. i'm new to chanel and would like to get a cute little mini flap as my first chanel collection. so i think i need to look for one now - is it easy to find one in chanel stores/dept stores like NM?

    would love to hear your advice :heart: thanks!
  2. Yes, it's easy. NM Fashion Island, boutique and Bloomie in SCP, they all have black one in lambskin or caviar.
  3. thanks katie. what about a red one? :rolleyes:
  4. I have not seen any red mini flap. Probably in beige but I am not sure.
  5. In my stores, I've only seen black and beige..oh and also white but they seem to be readily available.
  6. there used to be a really pretty coral...
  7. thanks!

    beige's nice too. but i just cant get my eyes off the red one! hope i have some luck in finding one...
  8. Just saw a black lambskin in my NM (San Diego: Fashion Valley). Good luck!
  9. great. im thinking of the leather - lambskin or caviar. what do you gals think?
  10. What's a mini-flap?
  11. Classic flap but super small with an extra long chain so it can be worn messenger style:
  12. DGJeans who is a reputable seller on eBay has a pink one for sale.
  13. VERY CUTE!!