Mini compared to First

  1. Can someone post a comparison picture?
  2. What's a mini??
  3. Mini-Classique is a smaller version of Classique (First).

    Sorry, I don't have comparison pics but ateliernuff has dimensions.
  4. They aren't comparison pics.. but there is a pic in the "photo's of you & your bbag" post of the mini classique. IMO, it looks very small - about half the size of the First.

    Of course I don't know for sure, but it looks like that from the pic.
  5. I´ve seen the mini IRL. It was very very small, its like the half of the first.. but I´d rather get a first instead of a mini classique.
  6. ^ I agree. I have tried the mini on at Barney's and it is too small for me personally. (I'm 5'2)

    I don't have any comparison pics, but here's a pic of Scarlett Johansson w/ the mini from the Celebrities w/ their B-bags thread:


  7. Mini's are tiny! I'd much prefer the First.
  8. WOW i didn't realize the mini-classique was that small. if it looks like a child's purse on Scarlett, I would look like a beast about to eat my purse with that wee thing.
  9. Oh I have seen the mini and I think its too small. Unless you only want to carry your wallet and a very small cell and keys.
  10. :roflmfao: I would too!!!:roflmfao:
  11. Whoa, Thanks! That is tiny. And I thought a shoulder pouch was too small!