Mini-Classique on Let-Trade

  1. In dark grey, GREAT price ($419.99)
  2. Do we know if that is a legit website?
  3. Yes, Let-Trade is very well-known on this forum and completely legitimate. I wouldn't be posting it if I wasn't sure of the source.
  4. Okay, I was just asking.

  5. CUTENESS- I JUST saw it!!!
  6. Of course! You were right to ask, a lot of the replicas come from Hong Kong and China so it's good to be wary! But LT is a GREAT seller and is My Poupette-endorsed also:yes:
  7. I don't see it!! do you have a direct link?
  8. Well thanks for letting us know. I just wanted to be sure, just in case.

    Thank you though!!