Mini Chevron Flap or Medium Boy

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  1. Please give me your opinion. I have been wanting a medium boy bag. In order to fund it, I will need to sell my Caviar WOC or the Mini Chevron so black. Will you rather keep the Mini and WOC, or let go one of the two for the Boy Bag, likely a Caviar Navy with GHW? If so, which one do you rather keep?

    I currently have:

    Medium Double Flap, Caviar, Black, GHW
    Medium Double Flap, Lambskin, Red, SHW
    Mini Chevron So Black
    Caviar WOC in Black, SHW
  2. I think it depends if you use the Mini and Woc a lot?
    Are you considering the old med boy bag? If so I think the size is already similar to the two med flaps you have, don't you want to have the option for the two smaller bags?
    Just some food for thought :smile:
  3. Since the mini and the woc are similar in size, I would get rid of the woc since it doesn't hold as much. The chevron mini so black is gorgeous as well! Good luck deciding.
  4. Keep the mini

  5. +1 or sell the red M flap
  6. Keep the mini.
  7. Omg, do not sell the mini so black; it's such a coveted bag!!
  8. +1 This is one of my favorite bags!
  9. I'm with everyone else. I'm usually a fan of WOCs over minis, but that WOC will come back around, and the so black mini would be much harder to replace later.
  10. Keep the Mini
  11. Keep the mini!! So black mini is one of the hardest bags to find. The WOC will come back around. 🤗
  12. Keep the mini!!
  13. Do you carry the WOC a lot? If not, I would sell that to get a Boy bag.

    I would hold onto the Mini So Black if at all possible. The So Black is such a sought after style that if you let that one go, it would be very hard to replace IMHO.

    Hope you get the Boy! After I got my first I've fallen hard for everything Boy. It's a great handbag, wallet or key/card holder. :graucho:
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