Mini carre scarf???

  1. i did a search on tpf,, elux and cant find anything on the multicolor mini carre scarf. i saw it in a case in Florida last week and want to see a pic before i decide to order it. it is sheer, comes in balck or white, has flowers (from what i remember???). can anyone help me PLEASE!!!
  2. One of these? They also comes in blue, pink and black.
    flower.JPG flower2.JPG
  3. ^nope, not either of those
  4. Hmm, I have no idea then. I don't know of another one that has the MC print and flowers except for the Etoile ones but that's not exactly multicolore.
  5. its $ hoping the sa remembers me when i call tomorrow. tnx for your help. will def post when i receive it!
  6. How I love that scarf... I'm thinking of getting an etoille for my Bagtinolles, what do you guys think?
  7. the sa that helped me when i was in florida is on vaca and the other sa's dont know which one it is. im going back to miami in 2 weeks so i will go back to that store and find out which one it was. everyone is making me doubt which one i actually saw!!!! :smile:
  8. Good luck with finding it....Post pics as we all want to see which one you mean.