Milena's favorite Bags

  1. Hi everyone,

    I LOVED browsing the bag showcase here (inspiring! :smile: so I thought I'd share my little collection with you all...

    My Chloe family, Darel Charlotte, Vanessa Bruno Leather tote and pochette/clutch
    chloe-camera.jpg chloe-silverado.jpg chloe-pad.jpg charlotte.jpg v-bruno.jpg v-bruno2.jpg
  2. Very cute Chloe pieces ! :biggrin:
  3. Very lovely collection! Love the Chloe bags and that last one is very cute!
  4. very pretty!
  5. Milena, I love your Chloes, they are all gorgeous! You have excellent taste..
  6. I love the first Chloe in your collection, what is the name of that bag?

    Thanks for sharing. :biggrin:
  7. Love:love: your collection ... especially the Chloe pieces!
  8. Thanks so much for your nice comments ladies!

    Loganz, the first Chloe is the Camera bag in taupe.

    Here are a few more:

    MJ petal pink Sophia, Chloe bracelet bag, Vintage butterfly purse
    Aurélie Mathigot pochette made from vintage scarves (back is navy with red polka dots!) and my newest addiction the Ink twiggy :smile:
    mj-sophia.jpg chloe-bracelet.jpg butterfly.jpg foulard.jpg twiggy.jpg
  9. Milena
    Beautiful bags!! Love them all! Thank you for sharing your collection!!
  10. Lovin' Ur Ink Twiggy!
  11. LOVE YOUR COLLECTION!!!! Whats that glitter shopping bag??? i LOVE IT LOVE IT
  12. Those Chloe bags are absolutely beautiful!
  13. It's by Vanessa Bruno, they also exist in canvas & were very popular here in Europe. Mine is leather – I used it basically as baby bag & it took a lot of abuse but held up beautifully:smile:

    Thanks everyone for the nice compliments! My collection is very modest compared to many showcases here. I’m in awe :nuts: I’m afraid I’ve been bitten by the b-bag on my wish-list will be a City - either in a bright color or possibly in lilac...mmm :biggrin:
  14. nice
    love all those chloes...thanx for sharing
  15. love your paddy and your darel bag!