Mikimoto pearls

  1. Are Mikimotos really skyrocketing in price lately? I'm just wondering if the rumors I hear are true. Are these a good investment long-term? I always wear pearls and have a 18 inch string of 10mms.
  2. I have no idea how to answer your questions, but a strand of Mikimoto pearls is on my wish list. I'm interested to hear other posters responses.
  3. Mikimoto are a company or brand and the pearls are no different from other pearls . My husband was telling me that many of their pearls are now from China because the Japanese have polluted their waters making the pearl industry there almost non existant. My husband has gotten in Mikimoto pearls for a customer, but once you take off the label, there is no way of telling it apart from any other pearl. You might not even be getting a true Mikimoto pearl in the first place.

    I dont think they are an investment???? and I dont know if prices have skyrocketed, but the Yen has gone down a lot and that should affect the price in a downward way!
  4. I love my Mikimoto pearls, but I never thought of them as an investment. Considering the HUGE price increase, we're all in good shape if we ever want to sell our pearls.
  5. Do you have any photos. I would love to see them. Also, do you know why there is such a huge price increase?
  6. Pearls are hard to take proper care of and don't have the same long term investment value as other things. It doesn't matter really what brand you go with, the only reason I like Mikimotos is because I've had good experiences with them.

    If you're just looking for pearls, seek ones with a good luminescence and large, uniform size.
  7. When was the price increase?? And how much??
  8. I wouldn't consider most (if any) jewelry as an "investment". Unless it is a piece of a historical or rare nature it's mostly going to go down in value, not up.

    Superior quality pearls like the kind used by Mikimoto are increasing in price while less high quality pearls are actually decreasing in price. There is a large glut of lower quality pearls (thin nacre, shell pearls, poor luster) that have swamped the market. Natural (uncultured) pearls are nearly impossible to find in any superior shape and are always going to be more expensive.

    I agree that there's nothing more special about Mikimoto than their name. They use lovely pearls which are also available to other designers and companies. It's like any other designer label.

    You'll definitely be paying more for the name Mikimoto. Just as you pay more for the name Tiffany's. It's all about what you're looking for. A pearl necklace from Mikimoto is of course going to be gorgeous. :smile: