mike & chris or bust? (pics inside)


which one to keep?

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  1. so... here's my problem. i ordered two leather hoodies at the same time. one is the mike & chris donovan and the other was the old navy hoodie. i really can't decide between the two and of course, the fact that the mike & chris was over 5 times the amount isn't helping my decision-making!! the problem is that i got the mike & chris for a great deal (25% off coupon, free shipping, no tax) and the leather is FANTASTIC, but the old navy is very similar (leather is not so nice).

    please help me decide! which one looks best on me (without knowing the brand!) sorry the pics are so fuzzy... i need a new camera!!!!!!






    leather_hoodie.JPG leather_hoodie2.JPG
  2. The jacket on the 2nd pics looks like it fits better so I vote for the jacket in the 2nd pics.
  3. The pictures are not that clear. There isn't really a huge difference in those jackets from what I can see in your pictures:shrugs: Both look cute though from what I see....
  4. i chose #2 as well, because it's more fitted !
  5. Definitely #2. It's better fitted.
  6. I agree, #2 fits you well. I bet thats the Mike & Chris LOL!
  7. #2! It fits you better.
  8. you should keep the old navy and send me the mike&chris :graucho:

    oooh and where did you order from?
  9. I like the second one on you more as well. =D
  10. i like the second one better as well, but if money is an object, i'd probably go with whatever one is cheaper since there's not a HUGE difference.
  11. i like #2 as well
  12. I'd keep #2
  13. 2 is the mike and chris i think and it looks better IMO
  14. i prefer 2.
  15. As a M&C lover, I could tell which was which straightaway! ;)

    Second one is much better - the leather looks 100 times better and softer. :smile:

    I have the Donovan as well!