Mike & Chris Austin - Anyone ever hear of them?

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  1. While browsing the Revolve website, I acme across this handbag

    and I'm just curious about it. The bag looks gorgeous - super soft lambs leather. I've never heard of this designer, and the price seems rather high. Anyone ever hear of them before? Anyone happen to own one?
  2. Yes, they are for sale in many boutiques and they're usually pretty pricey in the $700 and above range.:smile:
  3. Yes, I have this bag in black. I bought mine from Adasa for 21% off about a month ago. I love it! It holds a ton, the leather is gorgeous and it fits great over my shoulder. It is pricey but of course I always justify by saying I didn't pay full price. (lol)
  4. Yes, have heard of them, but the prices are always crazy high for bags that look not so unique.
  5. They're known more for their leather jackets (which I covet), but I think they're just starting to come out with bags? I've liked a few that I've seen, but none that have really "wowed" me. Way too pricey for me, though.
  6. Ditto, very high prices for bags that aren't that special looking.
  7. I have a few leather jackets from Mike & Chris, kind of an addiction, and the leather is wonderful! I've never bought a bag though, but that's mostly because they don't have great selections of bags at the sample sales.
  8. way too high; just another bag with an outrageous price tag.
  9. Is this the same Mike & Chris that is shown on Shopzane? The managaer at Shopzane was telling me about them. It would be weird to have 2 Mike & Chris's but they have different names. They have a couple of their bags on there. I kinda like this one.

  10. Hmm - Goatskin leather. Isn't that what Balenciaga uses?

  11. That line is known for their hoodies. Especially their leather hoodie vests which are big amongst the LA hipster set.

    I bought this last week and can't wait for it to get here.


    They also have a very cool looking bubble hoodie that I was DYING to get but it got sold out FAST. I think a lot of those young Hollywood types were wearing something very similar, hence the outrageous price.


    I had a look at the leather hoodie vest and the leather was ok. They may be a tad overpriced if you think about how much a fabric hoodie costs. For $1000 I think it's a bit high for a name that not many people have heard of. I remember someone posting about this bag being on sale. You should do a search on the forum for it. Maybe you can land a sweet deal. :yes:
  12. Jade, do you know how the sizes run in the hoodies? I was looking at them the other day and there are a few that I really like... I'm not one who usually orders clothing online though, I'm picky about how things fit.

    This is the bag I was checking out the other day... Not usually my style, but for some reason I'm drawn to it. However, that price tag has me running for the hills! No way!!!

  13. WOW!:wtf: That's $100 more than the shoulder bag I linked to in the very first post!!! They look like nice bags but not for that price! (I'd rather buy a Balenciaga for that price!)
  14. Eh... If you're into these bags... Andrew Marc is their competition, IMO. It's funny, both Mike and Chris and Andrew Marc were first knwon for their leather jackets.. now they both do bags, but I still find Andrew Marc bags more interesting.
  15. I went and tried some of their jackets on for sizing before I ordered. I'm usually a medium but I have broad shoulders so I found some (not all) of the jackets in medium fit a little snug for me. The jacket I bought online looked like it had a bit of room though which is good because all they had was 1 medium left so I snapped it up. I would recommend you go up a size if you don't like things to be too tight. If you can though, try to find some stores in your area which sell Mike and Chris and go and try the jackets on. Unless of course, the place you're buying from has a good return policy! :yes:
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