Might be stupid question but...

  1. Is the Caviar leather more durable than the Cotton Club leather? I haven't felt the Cotton Club leather IRL yet.
  2. Hmm... Caviar leather is supposed to be the most durable, and I generally find that it is very durable. The leather on my bronze Cotton Club seems pretty durable, because it's an aged calfskin, and thick, not flimsy in the least. You should check out the Cotton Club totes IRL, they're great! :smile:
  3. My caviar cabas withstands all the torture I inflict upon it and it still looks good. I know my cambon bags even though they are not cotton club have taken beatings.
  4. My CC tote feels strong on the outside...I throw her around a lot!
  5. This is good to know..thx guys!
  6. caviar leather is indestructible.
    btw, i love halpert, too! :biggrin:
  7. caviar is more durable than the cotton club!! I have both bag but I take more cautious when I'm using my cotton club!