Midnight Maggie or Soho Lynne in Saffron??

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  1. Which do you girls think......Midnight Maggie or the Soho Lynne in Saffron??:biggrin:
  2. Hands down Mignight maggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ^^^I totally agree 100%
  4. Midnight!!!
  5. Midnight Maggie!
  6. MIDNIGHT MAGGIE!!!!!! I saw her yesterday and I couldn't buy her because I'm broke from all this Coach spending, but she is stunning!!! I know I'll regret not buying her, so please, don't pass her up!

  7. She is a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the shimmer on this bag is just amazing
  8. MIDNIGHT MAGGIE!! I am kicking myself for not buying her too. Don't do like I did and let this one slip thru your fingers. Go grab her!! And then post pics so that I can drool all over my keyboard... :smile:

  9. Oh yes I am with CFC.... this bag is stunning...
  10. Don't pass up the opportunity to be bag twins - go get her!! :biggrin:

    I love mine so much, so shimmery and soft. It's amazing to me that she's at the outlet, I'm glad I got mine at 40% off.
  11. Definitely midnight Maggie ... saw this bag IRL yesterday and it is very pretty!
  12. I love midnight Maggie. I didn't get her because my narrow shoulders make it hard to keep her on, but the color is gorgeous
  13. Midnight Maggie...
  14. Midnight Maggie....so gorgeous! I have the same problem as paula3boys with the narrow shoulders or I would be stalking the outlet for her!
  15. Another vote for Maggie! :smile: