Midnight Maggie or Grey Croc Carryall?

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  1. I have the opportunity to get either the large Midnight Maggie and matching wallet from the outlet, or the grey croc carryall and matching wallet. Which one would you choose? I have 2 outlets that are 2 hours away from me in opposite directions. One outlet has the Maggie set, and the other has the carryall set. Unfortunately, the same outlet does not have both sets (or so they've told me on the phone). I can't go to both outlets, so I need to decide which set to get before I go. Advice please :smile:.
  2. wowowow that is a hard one

    I would have to go to both stores ;)
  3. I really wish I could. I have two small children though, so I'm afraid that making the trip to just one outlet that is 2 hours away is going to be difficult enough.
  4. Midnight Maggie...Coach nailed the blue on this bag. Check with the outlet thought to make sure the finish is smooth; I've seen a couple that had some odd creases in the bag.
  5. I have seen both sets IRL !!! Both are lovely but I would pick the Gray Croc Carry All!!!
    Otherwise if I had moneyand could afford both, I would get both!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. Oh my, talk about being torn in 2 different directions, :lolots:
    I couldn't resist. ;)

    Honestly, I couldn't choose and would go to one tonight and the other tomorrow.
    Sorry, I'm of no help. :shrugs:
  7. I do love the blue color of the Maggie. I saw one at my boutique that had scratches on it, so my fear is that it is going to be scratched or have creases when I get there to pick it up. Same goes for the carryall. I'm worried that it will be damaged or missing the jewel hang tag or something. I would be so upset if I drove all that way and then wasn't able to get the bag for whatever reason. Decisions, decisions.
  8. Which color bag do you need more? I know the grey croc carryall & love it, but it seems more a mature bag, the maggies are more fun hobo type. Good luck with your decision, I would be second guessing myself anyway , so I am glad I'm not in your shoes.
  9. Maybe charge hold both sets, then you've got 2 weeks to decide and/or get to both outlets.
    You can always cancel a charge hold over the phone.
  10. I have the gray op art Sophia, and the sapphire blue Poppy button bag, so I already have one of each color bag. I am so torn because I love the midnight blue color of the Maggie, but the style of the carryall. If they had made a midnight blue carryall, that would have been my dream bag!
  11. That's an idea. I've never done a charge hold though, and am somewhat hesitant to give my credit card info over the phone.
  12. I've done it tons of times at the outlets and it was fine, if that helps at all.
  13. I have seen both IRL and prefer the carryall personally. Maggies don't sit well on my shoulder and I just like the style of the carryall to look at more as well. Good luck deciding. Decide quickly so that they aren't both gone by the time you go! Maybe call and ask to check if there is damage or missing tags (explain how far you are driving)
  14. This depends greatly on your lifestyle and what you usually wear.

    Do you have a carryall? I have two (now three, but that's another story) because I'm a lawyer and I carry "bags like that". However, I sort of feel like the carryall is overprices for the style and it doesn't really CARRY ALL. It's smaller in capacity than it looks.

    I bought the large blue metallic maggie this weekend at an outlet. I also bought the gunmetal carryall. The carryall is so going back. They're coming out with a silver/gunmetal sophia and that bag holds so much more.

    Then again, I have had blue shoes that I never wore. Will I use a blue bag? It is the most beautiful blue.

    I'd say either the Maggie or *shudder* neither. You already have a gray bag.

  15. I am with you - one day one store and one day the other - ROAD TRIP