Midnight as a replacement for night?

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  1. I could use a little input on my latest purchase. I ordered up a MAB in night and it is supposed to ship today or tomorrow. I received an email and was informed that color has now been changed. Night is not available. Rather, they received a couple of boxes with a "new" color - midnight. I was told the leather on this is glazed, rather than matte. I was really looking forward to a flat matte leather bag and am kind of worried that the glazed leather will look like vinyl. The lady I spoke with said it was very pretty, however I can't help but be a bit disappointed. Anyone have any experience with the midnight leather? I was told it was on some bags of a different style a little earlier (a few months ago?) I've looked around at the different stores and the RM site and there are no regular MABs in night available, except the ones with the gold bottom, which is a bit much for my style. I wanted to keep it really simple. Anyway, enough rambling, please let me know your opinions or ideas about this leather switcheroo. Thanks!
  2. was it purchased from LB?
  3. the midnight color definitely does not look like vinyl - it's a tiny tiny bit glazed and looks smooshy and leathery. But I think night was blue, right? Midnight is black.
  4. Night Blue is a blue. Night is a black. It's two seperate colors.
  5. I have had bags with both leathers and I like the Night better. However, the midnight is really pretty and soft too. I don't think you'd be disappointed with either.

    Although the Night is softer and more matte, the Midnight is great too. I did not keep the midnight but only b/c the style did not look good on me; I thought the leather was fabulous.
  6. If you are looking forward to smooshy,soft matte leather, you will likely be disappointed in midnight. My first RM was in midnight, and I had never seen one IRL, and when I got the bag my initial reaction was, "This is the leather I've been reading about??". It has a medium glaze, and to me, it is very stiff. I've loved my subsequent RM bags, but midnight definitely wasn't for me. Mine was a final sale, so I'm gonna ebay it. But who knows, you may like it, this is just my opinion of course!;)
  7. Funny, but Night blue in my eyes looks violet...:shrugs:
  8. I have one...it actually depends on lighting...and what you are wearing...but it at times appears a few different shades or blue or purple. It's kind of cool. Always pretty.
  9. I haven't had either color but after looking a pics online for hours I have decided that Night was my choice, I think it has more character. The Midnight *looks* too smooth and shiny for my taste. I like to see the characteristics in the leather kwim? Having said that- I'm sure it is a lot better in person, this is just what I thought from online pics and we all know how deceiving those can be!
  10. The tangerine bags have a glazed finished, but I think it looks good on that color. As for black, I think that the shinier finish will be a disappointment. While I think like you, that the midnight will be OK in person, I think that the night color would be a lot better for my tastes.
  11. Yeh, I just got a call from LB that it was the Midnight that they have now...Night is no longer available anymore.

    And so I canceled it. Sigh....
  12. Sorry Hon! I am waiting on a Night Nikki from Label 360 and not sure if I am keeping it at this point. I will let you know what I thinks!
  13. Midnight is one of the colors from the older seasons. I have the night leather, which is the Spring 08 line, and i have an older black matinee. The leather on both is different, but both of them are tDF. They are both soft. The matinee is thick buttery leather, and the night is a little thinner, but soft, matte, and has a wrinkly texture, but i love it!

  14. It's really confusing when the MAMs are listed as Black...I can't tell whether it's Midnight black or Night Black, or just some other Black...
    I saw this bag however has the old hardware with the tassles - so which black is this? Is this black the same leather type as Midnight black? :confused1:
  15. If it has old hardware it should be the Midnight black. You are right though- I hate when website don't list proper color names. Some people just don't get how important color names are to us!! When someone says "Blue" that could mean OH SO MANY THINGS!! LOL.