Micro bags

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  1. #1 Jul 17, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2016
    those micro bags are in these days, aye? I have seen it the first time in tory burch. I was amazed at how much it cost with such a tiny bag. And then when I visited LV yesterday I saw them selling some too. Is this a trend now? How is this used? What could fit in it? I should have asked the price then but forgot to. I also saw one in saks like a small replica of a bigger one but different brand. is it worth the price? Really cute though but im not sure whats the function.
  2. They are adorable little bags! I'm guessing you can fit a toothpick and wadded up tissue for emergencies. :cool:
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  3. It must be difficult to make it huh...is it meant to be use like a key chain or something?
  4. They're cuter than buttons but in reality they're neither very practical nor functional. They could probably hold a few notes/cards, a tube of lipstick, keys, and a phone but that's pretty much it.
  5. For the price of one of these nano bags, I would rather buy 2 or 3 mini pochettes or something similar. I agree with Miss Krys, they are not practical. If I were to be given one for free, I wouldn't accept it - I really don't like them at all!
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  6. Accept it and then give it to me:lol: It would make an awesome alternative to a clutch since I could hang it off my shoulder but I agree, the price is just too much for something so itty bitty that I wouldn't actually go out of my way to buy one.
  7. Once I saw somebody with a nano speedy at the mall, and it is definitely a nice piece but I just find it way too small - instead of spending $1000 CAD on a tiny bag, you could just buy a mini Pochette or Pochette accessoires and have a bag that is more practical & functional. I own the mini Pochette & it's already a bit tight trying to get an iPhone 6 in & out.
  8. Heck, I have an iPhone 6 Plus. It wouldn't even FIT in one of those silly little bags. Agree with everyone else, pochette is a much better use of money!
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  9. I agree, if I put a bulky case on my iPhone 6 it doesn't even fit in my mini pochette either
  10. I can't even put my phone in a mini-pochette. I've got the Plus. And I have the black and blue mono mini-pochette! And rarely get to use, because the phone doesn't fit. But I still love it :P But how on earth did mini bags become a thing?!
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  11. I have the 5S and it fits in everything, but then again I don't feel like I have to 'compensate' for anything:lol:
  12. Awww, be nice now! I love my Plus! I like the big screen for reading on. But I also have several of each model on my desk at work, so really its whatever I want to use at any given moment :smile:
  13. It reminds me of how some guys have these oversized pickups and then whimper how the parking spaces are too small. Sure they could use the family car at any given moment and make things easier but they won't...:lol:
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  14. Edit: If I was given a nano thingy for free, I would accept it and give it to Miss Krys because I'll have no use for it :lol: I would still rather use the money to buy 2 or 3 mini pochettes or even a full sized bag.
  15. These micro bag trend is so annoying. But I don't mind the mini backpack that can be worn crossbody.
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