Michele Watches

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  1. So happy ! Already plotting next watch straps... IMG_20190306_124247.jpg
  2. So I have a silly question - if I buy a deco watch with a leather strap, am i able to switch the straps out? It appears so as I see lots of straps for sale, but just wanted to verify!
  3. Also - I have a small 5.5 wrist. Do you think the 36mm CSX or the 33 x 35 square Deco would look the best?
  4. Hello
    I am hoping to get some clarification, I have been looking at some Michele Deco watches on Ebay and Nordstrom. I am a bit confused because some will say Deco on the face and others Michele? Is it depending on when the watch was issued?
    Thanks in advance
  5. Yes, I believe the older Deco style says Deco on it, but the newer ones say Michele.
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  6. Does anyone know why some Michele wathes have "Deco" written on the face and some have "Michele"? I just recently bought a Michele watch and it has "Deco" across the top.

    **EDIT - sorry just realized this question was asked!
  7. Yes, any leather strap of the right size will fit (some Deco s are 16mm, some are 18mm and the deco xl is 20mm). The metal bands are different, you have to make sure you get the right one for the right style.
  8. Just my opinion but I like the square deco option.
  9. Do all Michele stainless steel case watches come with a sapphire crystal? I know the sport/jelly ones do not.

    I am looking at a deco II style, but the back does not have sapphire crystal engraved in it. The rest of my watches at home say sapphire crystal. Its from Nordstrom rack so I am not sure if they make any with a less expensive mineral crystal for places like norstrom rack. I just love the sapphire crystal since it holds up so well to scraches, i hate to get something that will show wear.

    I called Michele, the woman didnt know so she is getting back to me, but I figured I would ask here. The model number is mww06x000027.

  10. Anyone have a solid rose or yellow gold face with a two tone bracelet? Would love to see photo of how it looks!

    I have an older Michele Releve rose gold that I never bought the bracelet for ( regrettably) and managed to find one now but two tone.

    Curious to see how the solid face will look with a two tone bracelet.

    Thank you!
  11. I do but I won’t be home till later. I’ll post pics then.
  12. Awesome please do! Thank you!
  13. Here you go. I put it on the napkin so you could see the color better. Hope that helps!

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  14. Here's my Michele Art Deco: Michele.jpg
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  15. You can find many straps and the stainless bracelets on ebay for much less.
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