Michele Watches

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  1. Thanks for your reply. That's what I thought, too, but the Saks website said the same thing so I was unsure :smile:
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  2. Something similar happened to me at Marshalls, the cashier loved my watch and asked me how much it was lol
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  3. Lol.
  4. You're welcome. I just called Michele Customer Service and they stated that their watches are just swiss movement, not swiss made.
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  5. Amazing - thank you so much for confirming!!
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  6. Not sure if this the right place to post this, but Michele is having some crazy sales on their site right now. Bands start at $20 and watches start at $500. I got 3 bands for my watches for $70! They do free shipping and free returns.
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  7. Can any one speak about your experience with Michele saffiano leather bands? I bought a couple from the sale, boy are they stiff. Do they soften up? Does the color/finish come off? Been looking for a gold leather band. Not sure if I should keep the saffiano or keep an eye out for a patent leather in gold. (I feel like the gold color may come off/ flake more than non metallic finishes anyway...)
  8. I have many Michelle bands with different finishes/colors. No problem after many years of wear.
  9. Thanks! I already wore it and it seemed to soften a bit. Glad to hear the finish should be ok.
  10. I like my Michele urban mini duotone diamond. IMG_5363.jpg
  11. I love the mini urban! It's one of my favorites, I love the shape!
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  12. #4245 Mar 4, 2019
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    Hi all, I'm about to join the Michele watch club! I think I've lost my mind, making a purchase this big (for me). I'm so excited I just feel like I had to share with people who would understand! I've been looking at Michele watches for some time, and really just fell in love with the Sidney. I love the round face, the chrono, date on watch face, the elegance and femininity, the diamonds, and the versatility of interchangeable straps. Until now I didn't find one I absolutely had to have, until I saw the Sidney with the cashmere grey mother of pearl face and rose gold accents on the face. Somehow I just fell in love at first (online) sight! I haven't seen the Sidney styles pop up at outlet prices much yet. My last watch (not counting fitbits, etc.) was almost 10 years ago - a Bulova from the Wintermoor collection (pic below too). I was a student then and it was pricey for my budget, but I loved it then and still do, but it's showing its age. So finding excuses now to justify this upgrade for me, I'll call it a present from me to myself for the birth of my first child (7 weeks ago!), finally finishing medical training and becoming assistant professor in July. Yay!
    Also, managed to stack up some discounts as much as possible - 10% off from JRDunn for first purchase, plus $100 credit for future purchase, which I'll use to get the stainless bracelet (or maybe rose gold/two tone?) and 6% off from ****** - about $400 in credits or cash back in total. Not too shabby for full price...Just awaiting shipment arrival in two days! I have a feeling the obsession with Michele watches, straps, etc. may just be beginning...
    MicheleSidney.jpg BulovaWintermoor.jpg