Michele Watches

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm in the market for a new watch and I love the Michele Watches. I don't have anywhere close by that sells them, so I can only view them online. I was wondering, can any of you post pics of you wearing your Michele Watches? It would greatly appreciated!! :smile:
  2. I'll post mine once i get this camera to work.
  3. LOL...thanks ellie!
  4. Ok, here it is. I just brought this new python strap on sale at nordstrom, but the watch originally came with the stainless steel bracelet in silver.

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  5. It's gorgeous! So it's a fairly big watch? I think that's really cool you can change the bands on it. Do the diamonds sparkle??

    Also which model is that?
  6. Yes, the diamonds sparkle, my watch is the deco. Michele has beautiful watches. The strap aren't cheap. The alligator strap are $150, patent straps are $50 and the stainless steel is $200.
  7. Is it difficult to change the bands? They really are beautiful watches! I was considering getting a Rolex, but the Michele Watches are so stunning and they're half the price...
  8. I love Michele watches - I own three of them and I get compliments on them all the time.

    I've never changed the straps on them though, although I would like to - would love to hear if it's easy to to.

    I would definitely recommend them!
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  9. I've seen lots of these watches on eBay -- they go for VERY good prices there! I was thinking of getting one myself. Check it out!
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  10. I saw them on Ebay, but I was afraid to bid because I figured they have been faked!
  11. I'm surprised more people here don't have Michele watches!
  12. I love my Michele watch. I also have it in the deco style with the stainless steele band. But I opted for no diamonds. I really like the pearl face too. One of these days I want to get a color leather strap.
  13. I am lusting after one of these watches too. If we were experts on watches like we are on handbags we could figure out if the ones on E-bay were fake. I think I will buy one new.
  14. I'm worried about fakes on Ebay, too. Anyone know how to tell a real from a fake?
  15. I have never seen Michele watches faked -- they're not as widely known as Rolex or other brands. When I want to check if something has been counterfeited I do a search on iOffer. If I see it there, I don't buy it on eBay unless I am sure that it is real. Rather unscientific, I know, but I have never seen the Michele watches on iOffer.