Michel Perry Shoes... store in NYC?

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  1. :search:

    I've only see a very few select styles at Barneys... and I :heart: them, but they never have my size!!!.

    Anyone have any shoes by him? How are they?

    Are there stores besides Barneys that might have a few pairs of his shoes???

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I just received my first pair that I purchased on eBay, and they are gorgeous, and fairly comfortable. The style I got is called Bliss, and is a blue and white spectator/platform sneaker sort of a look. It's funky, a little different, and I love the look!

    Can't find them in your size at Barney's? Try eBay instead, or Yoox.com, where I have also seen a few styles available in a range of sizes.:tup:
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