Michael Kors Shoes - How do they fit?

  1. Anyone own a pair (or several pairs) of Michael Kors shoes? How do they run, true to size, or larger/smaller? Any uncomfortableness to report? :p Mainly from those who own Michael Kors heels?

    Thanks in advance ;)
  2. The reason I ask... :love: I think they're super pretty :nuts:

  3. I own a pair and my BFF owns several... and they vary.

    My boots run true to size.
    Her sandals run really narrow and small, IMHO

    None of them seem very comfortable to me, LOL.

    If your feet are hard to fit or if you are in between sizes you might want to try them on first.

    Good luck!!
  4. i own several pairs of Kors by Michael Kors shoes. i have boots, slippers and they fit true to size. they're quality shoes but i think if you have wide feet, they would be a bit uncomfortable. so try them on first.
  5. I have MK shoes - open heeled sandals and closed pointed toe heels - both are very comfy for me and they fit true to size (I wear 7 and the 7 is fine - in the sandals could possibly also wear a 6.5. I tried those also in 7.5 but they seemed a little loose - could still wear them though).

    I love the ones you posted - very nice.
  6. I just ordered a pair of Kors Michael Kors flats from Zappos. While they look well-made, I found them very stiff and uncomfortable. My arches were aching in only a few minutes.

    I don't recommend them if you are a wide width but they would be fine with a medium width foot. They were true to size and width.
  7. I have a couple pairs of Michael Kors shoes. One pair of flats and a pair of lace-up sandal platforms (I guess that's how you'd describe them). They are gorgeous shoes and run true to size for me for the left foot, but on both pairs, the right foot is super-tight.

    It could be my feet, but honestly, I've never noticed such disproportinate sizing with any other brand and I own a lot of shoes.

    If you do decide to try them and can get them from www.zappos.com that would be a good way to go b/c shipping is free both ways.
  8. I have a pair of MK suede, wood-bottom clogs that I got for a terrific price at Off Fifth (the closest thing I have to a Saks) and they are very narrow for my medium-width foot. I also have a pair of MK flats in denim, almost like little sneakers. They rubbed the heck out of my "bunion" area the first several times I wore them and I had to put little gel pads inside the shoes. I don't think I'll ever buy Kors shoes again. They just don't fit me that great.