Michael Kors python handbag

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  1. I went to Centuyry 21 in Bay Ridge , Brooklyn today.
    No more Hayden harnett bags left, only a few Linea Pelle bags.. for about $129 each. They had 1 Chloe, a few limited edition Coach sheepskin handbags, I found 2 Micahel Kors python shoulder bags fopr $149 each, usually $995! They have been handled a lot so some scales and not even.... I bought one, such a nice, classy bag, lined in leather. I had a snakeskin clutch once, in 1986... scaled are coming off the bag in huge pieces. How do you properly care for snake skin? I'll post pics tomorrow.
  2. I have absoutely no idea how to answer your question but just wanted to say: Wow! Congratulations on such a great deal! Can't wait to see pics!
  3. same here! congratulations!!