Michael Kors Info Please

  1. Some of you guys may have seen my thread on the MJ forum that my Stam hobo is on its way back to Saks. This Michael Kors (not the Michael by Michael Kors, but the high end Kors) caught my eye. It's $225 less than the Stam hobo, leather lined and from the zoom close up of the leather, looks very nice. I've got a couple of his Michael by Michael Kors bags and dearly love them. After my recent MJ debacle, I'm a bit (a BIT???) leary about ordering another expensive bag only to have it fall apart in a month.

    Does anyone have this specific bag (even in a different color). Does he put the metal feet on his high end bags like the MbyMK bags have? How have the MK bags held up for you guys. Again, not the M by MK, but the Michael Kors bags. TIA! :tender:

    Michael Kors - Calf Pocket Satchel - Saks.com

    By the way, are bags in the Michael Kors made in Italy?? :confused1:
  2. Well, I answered one of my questions. It helps to read the description. This one is made in Italy. :nuts:
  3. hey PP - i have a MK skorpio (pic below, sorry it's huge), and i love it. in some ways (gasp), i think i love it more than some of the MJs i see. the leather is seriously incredible...i've had people stop me on the street to ask who it's by. and it's still a bag i 'pet' occasionally when i carry it :love: . the suede lining is amazing, the quality is definitely there, and the thing i love about it is that it looks "expensive" without people necessarily being able to say "oh, she has X bag." it's kind of fun :smile:

    to answer your specific question, i'm not sure about feet on the bag, since mine isn't that style. but the bag has held up beautifully....this is a bag that gets a lot of use, and it looks as good as the day i got it, which i think is impressive on slouchier styles. the leather hasn't wrinkled, the one time i did get a little water on it (gasp), a little leather moisturizer & it was good as new.

    i think you'd be pleasantly surprised!
  4. :jammin: Hi Tia,
    I purchased the Michael Kors Skorpios Shopper at Bloomies this past June and I love it. There are feet on the bottom of the bag and I love the bag.The day it arrived, I put a leather protector on it and have carried it everywhere. No complaints as of yet. I have received loads of compliments and I would highly recommend going for it.

    The inside of the bag is lined in suede and leather trim and the details are very high quality.

    Good luck and be sure to let me know what you decide.
  5. Shoppingsmycard, very nice! Thanks for the review!

    Yours is beautiful too, robynbenz. Oh,TIA means "thanks in advance." I was trying to figure out "Who is Tia?" when I read your post, then it registered! My name is actually Elaine. :flowers:

    Thanks for the info, guys!
  6. Sorry about that Elaine, I am still new to these on-line chat sites. I should wait until my daughter comes home to help me with all this:blush: new fangled communication tools.
    Thanks for your compliment.... I love the bag and I got such an AWESOME deal on it too! )which made the hubby like it too):happydance:
  7. i say go for it....i've been so happy with mine :smile: in fact, i'm carrying it today...yum!